An expert in systemic racism and aboriginal stereotypes withdrew from the troubled Missing Women Commission of Inquiry after deciding the commission “would not fulfill its mandate,” the National Post has learned.

UBC anthropology professor Bruce Miller was contracted by the commission as an expert witness and was expected to testify at public hearings that began last fall. He says he submitted a report in advance of his testimony, but by September had informed the commission that he no longer wished to participate in the process.

Growing numbers of individuals and groups have criticized the inquiry for paying little attention to the roles that negative stereotyping and racism played in police failures to investigate Vancouver’s missing and murdered women, many of whom were aboriginal.

Mr. Miller remains bound by his confidentiality agreement with the commission and cannot describe the contents of his report, or even say why he was asked to write one. He notes he has previous experience as an expert witness in discrimination cases, and court records show he has given testimony about “prejudicial attitudes and stereotypes held about aboriginal people.”

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