Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq says that when she tore a strip off a UN right-to-food envoy last week, she never meant to imply there were no hunger problems in the North. In an interview with The Canadian Press, Ms. Aglukkaq said there are indeed serious poverty challenges in her home region.

But she said she resents being told how to fix things by an outsider who has no first-hand knowledge of the North and who comes from a country that opposes the seal hunt.“

I never said that there is no hunger issue for aboriginal people,” Ms. Aglukkaq said in a phone interview from Geneva where she was attending global health discussions. “I come from there, I see it first-hand.“But I also see first-hand the impact from out of Canada, from out of the North, putting forward broad recommendations that are not helpful, that don’t recognize that we as aboriginal people continue to depend on the land for our food…”

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