The Tse Tsa Watle project will help to develop a learning community, where traditional knowledge can be fused with academics, classes and courses. By using technology to record and document the Coast Salish traditions in a more physical form, the diversity of people who identify as First Nations can be made more visible.

This project will also help students and faculty to develop a knowledge base about aboriginal/traditional culture. It will help to create a safe place for aboriginal students to learn, and it will promote the indigenizing of education for everybody.

Join us in unity, learn as a community

One of the main goals is to provide a framework that will assist professors in developing curriculum for courses at the school. Once this learning material is created, it will be shared with external audiences so that dialogue and conversation can be opened up with people from other communities. The project will support other local institutions and municipalities, as these external audiences can use the information created to develop their own educational material.

Join us to create a community of indigenous and non-indigenous people to promote awareness, acceptance and understanding through effective intercultural collaboration.